Lose The Legalese: Blogging For Your Clients

By now, you’ve probably discovered that blogging is a must-do for your law practice. Whether you’re firm has been around for ages or you’re just starting up your own practice, blogging can help you gain recognition both online and offline. However, blogging might not come so easy for lawyers who are used to writing with legalese padding their documents. Your clients might have a hard time enjoying your blog or staying interested in it.

Luckily, legal blogging doesn’t have to be such a stressful endeavor. There is a way for lawyers to write for their clients, keep them engaged, and coming back for more. Take a look at the tips below to help you lose the legalese and begin a successful client-centric blog.

Plan Your Posts

It’s easy to get distracted while writing if you don’t have a clear idea of where your post is headed. Write outlines for each blog post so you can gather your thoughts, come up with a clear plan of action, and execute your post in a timely manner. You’ll find that planning your post before you write it out will make your writing more concise and fluid. Furthermore, you’ll be able to convey your message in a clear and straightforward way, leaving little room for confusion. Your readers will appreciate how meticulous your posts are, rather than being frustrated by reading a rambling thought process. You can also plan your posts well in advance. This helpful little trick will let even the busiest of lawyers find time for writing one blog post per week.

Write About Client Topics

If you want to appeal to your clients and potential clients, you will have to write about topics that matter to them. Your opinions on the latest case in your field might be interesting for you to read, but your clients will probably be less than thrilled. Instead, write about how your area of law can help them with their issues, how to find a good tax lawyer or bankruptcy lawyer, where they can research certain terms, and so on. You can also write an entire series of posts that will familiarize your clients with legal terms that pertain to your area of expertise. A reoccurring series that can be tied into future posts is a great way to keep readers coming back for more. And if you take your time to write enough blog posts that explain important law terms to non-lawyers, you might find that you will have enough padding to write more legal-centric blog posts in the future.

Incorporate Digital Mediums

If you struggle with communicating complex legal matters in blog posts and you find that your clients just aren’t responding, try incorporating some new mediums to help get your message across. Images can be especially helpful, as many people are visual learners. Combining graphics with your text can be a great way to bridge the gap between non-lawyers and complicated law discussions. Try drawing graphs to represent statistics or Venn diagrams to illustrate your points. Furthermore, video blogging is starting to become a popular marketing effort for many businesses, and lawyers especially are taking notice. You might find that it’s easier for you to simply talk about topics rather than put them on paper. But remember to plan your video posts just like you would your blog posts to avoid rambling. You should also write up a transcript and post it with your video blog to keep the search engine robots happy.

Engage Your Clients

Now that you’re in the mindset of writing blog posts for your clients, you should think up ways to include them in the conversation. The first place you should check is your blog’s comment sections. Listen to the response your readers are having. If they’re like certain posts, continue writing along those lines to keep them interested. If you find that a lot of commenters are debating you or asking questions, write a blog post in response. Blog readers like to feel connected to their bloggers; it gives a sense of personality and voice. Another way you can engage your readers is by asking questions directly to them at the end of your blog post or on your social media profiles. Have them join the discussion, even if they don’t agree with your points of view. When your readers take an active interest in your blog, you can rest assured that they are raising your brand’s awareness and doing some of the marketing legwork for you.

You might be used to writing complicated legal concepts with complicated terms, but your law blog has to be understandable to clients, both current and potential. Losing the legalese and writing about subjects that matter to your clients will help you find the right niche that turns your law blog into a success among non-lawyers.

Written by Pete Wise for Hauptman, O’Brien, Wolf & Lathrop, whom are dedicated to serving Nebraska. Their approach of treating every client as their own unique case differs from the cookie-cutter methods of many others. Their successes defeding the rights of those in the Omaha area are numerous; so contact them if you want the best Lawyers in Nebraska.

3 Ways To Improve Site Ranking With Social Links

In order for SEO campaigns to have any effectiveness, they have to evolve and adapt as new technologies come into play. Utilizing social media and links from those networks is one of the best ways to ensure that you are able to maintain or achieve a higher page ranking. Of course, you have to consider a number of different factors when you are trying to determine how the search engines are going to rank your page. You have to make sure that you hit them all, from the traditional to the new social media links. Here are a few things that you can do that will be able to help.

How Current are You with the Posts?

When you are posting news and links to your social networks, or even to your blog for that matter, how recent are they? Today’s news cycle, no matter the niche, moves at lightning speed. If you are posting old news that does not have any bearing, then chances are people will already have seen it. This means that the chance of them reposting information is going to be less likely. People are not the only ones who like recent news though. You will find that search engines such as Google prefer this type of information, and that is certainly a good thing to know when you are trying to improve your rankings in Google.

This does not mean that you can’t revisit the past occasionally. You might want to do an end of year post or a post that hits on a subject from the past. That’s fine to do occasionally, but unless your site actually deals with historical matter, you might want to stick to relevant topics that are in the news.

How Often Do You Post

Another thing that you are going to have to consider is how often you are going to post to your social networking sites and how often you are going to include links. The levels of quality in the links you post have more importance than the quantity. If you post too often, people are going to start seeing you as a spammer. This is also how the search engines might see you, and that could have a detrimental effect on your business. However, you do have to consider frequency. If you are only posting once a month, it is not going to make much of a difference to the search engines.

Also, make sure that you are sharing different URLs. If you are only sharing the same URL constantly, search engines and your followers will see it as spam. By offering other links and links directly to articles rather than just a homepage, you will have more luck.

How Influential are your Social Links?

If you do not have many influential followers who are reposting your link, then it is not going to have much influence. This is why it is so important to cultivate relationships with relevant followers on the social networks. Those who have more influence, meaning more engaged followers, are going to make it easier for you to spread the word with your links. More links and reposts mean better rankings and more traffic in the end.

This type of social linking is still relatively new, and that means that you will see some changes in the coming months and years as people learn more about how to utilize them effectively. Social linking can affect you in the short-term by getting more people to your site right away, but you are really looking for the long-term benefits, which is better ranking for your site. Starting to use social media links now is essential for any business.

SocialLinkMart.com is John Lessnau’s latest web traffic and ranking service. After seeing this market flooded by shady dealers selling massive amounts of social links from bot, fake or junk social media accounts, John saw a need for a honest service that only sold quality social links that actually work. Social Link Mart makes social link building easier for SEOs and website owners by only allowing social link sales from authority social media users. SocialLinkMart offers Facebook Likes and Shares, Google Plus Shares, and Twitter Tweets.

Choosing Quality Graphic Website Design Services

You are going to learn how you can choose the best graphic web design services.

Website open businesses to the world can help in making or breaking your businesses. They reveal your brand to people; bring traffic, and many other roles. One thing you should never go wrong about is ensuring you have rich graphic web design. People tend to easily notice graphics and enjoy viewing them as opposed to making them read thousands of pages, all in black and white. Using Microsoft Word or paint is not going to make your website stunning and appealing to many people. You need professional website graphical design services to help transform your website. One challenge that many people is choosing the right services to accomplish this noble task. Here are some of the tips for choosing quality graphic website design services.
To work with the best designers in your professional custom website, you need to work with highly experience companies which with many years of success. Ensure you carefully examine portfolios of various companies and select the best. Look at projects completed, customer feedback and reviews given to the company. Look at the inspiration behind the company’s designers. A graphic website needs not only to have good graphics, but also very inspiring ones if it is to attract visitors and new customers.

In choosing any professional website graphical design, you need to look at the cost. Although not all decisions should be made considering costs only, the service has to be affordable. Many affordable professional custom website design services exist that deliver great sites with the right graphics. Come up with your project requirements and present to various qualified companies to give you their quotes. Basing on quotes and credibility, you should be able to settle for the right company.

Any rich graphic web design requires creative approaches. What will differentiate one graphic web design service from another is creativity of their graphics. It is not just good graphics, this is important, so are creative ones. Look for companies, which do not, duplicated graphics because this will kill your identity. The company should also be able to blend graphics to your color themes to present a stronger brand of your business. When it comes to designing your brochures, business cards and other materials, it is a good idea to involve them too.
Response Time
When choosing quality graphical website services to hire, ensure you look at the time they will take to complete your project. This is particularly very important for people who have websites that are graphical such as game and movie related websites. Such websites often need a great deal of work and if they are large, they will need more effort. Ensure you only choose a company that has the right expertise and people to complete your task within agreed timelines. This will avoid keeping your customers and visitors hopes high all in vain.

There are other factors to consider in hiring a quality graphic web design services, which include references, expertise, tools, among many others.  Ensure you thoroughly assess all this things. Try finding professional web designers to present online business user friendly or learn more about graphical website design services to find info on graphical website designing, professional website development, flash website design, among many other design tasks.

Dianne is a web development consultant and blogger.

Step by Step Guide to Choosing a The Best Affiliate Program

In recent year, there is an increasing level of competition in the world of affiliate marketing but this doesn’t mean that there is no opportunity of making a profit in this industry.

More merchants are attracted to affiliate marketing because of its performance based nature, which represents less risk for advertisers. So how does one choose the best affiliate program out of the millions on offer?

Below are some of the key indicators to look for when choosing what could be profitable affiliate program to join.

1. Product

The first and most important step is to choose a product that appeals to you. If your heart is not on it, you will quickly lose interest. Being enthusiastic about the product you are selling is very important considering that you are going to spend a great deal of time promoting it.

It is also fundamental that the product you select attracts a lot of attention, it has to be something that appeals to other people. Google keyword tool is a great way to identify potential product options. By reviewing the most searched keywords you can get an idea of the demand that a product has. The tool also provides an estimated level of competition for a particular keyword. A product with a low search volume and high competition may not be the best option. On the other hand, if the statistics show that the product has a consistently high search rate and the competition is low, then you may have found your winner.

2. Website

When you find that the affiliate program product offers a product that interests you and that matches the criteria (good demand and a manageable level of competition), pay special attention to the website of the merchant with the affiliate program.

Make sure that it is appealing and easy to use for users. It should provide clear information and motivate customers. The images and the description of the product should be accurate.

As an affiliate, you also need to look out for leaks on the website. These are links that redirect out of the website and that will not represent any earning for you because they are making that good traffic that you sent, gets lost off the site.

Keep in mind that the affiliate program you choose has to be be reliable and offer good quality products that will represent solid performance based sales for you.

3. Conversion Rate

You may have chosen an advertiser that has an attractive and reputable site with a strong brand and high commission on offer, but somehow you are not making money…How is that possible?

The answer lies in the conversion rate. This is a crucial point to consider when choosing an affiliate program because even if they seem to thick all the boxes, if their website doesn’t covert, they are not worthy.

Conversion is generally expressed as a percentage. E.g. if 5 out of 50 visitors you sent to a site buy a product, then that product would have a 10% conversion rate. Many eCommerce sites convert at a rate of 1% or less but when seeking a good affiliate program you should look for a conversion rate of over 4%.

4. Commission / Payout

Affiliates are usually attracted to an affiliate program based on the commission or payout offered. Many people assume that the higher the commission, the better earnings they will receive. However, this is not necessarily true.

For example, if affiliate program X has a 40% commission rate on an Average Order Value (AOV) but only a 1% conversion rate and affiliate program Y has only a commission of 20% on an AVO but has a conversion rate of 3%, then clearly affiliate program Y is the better choice.

5. Average Order Value

You have to bear in mind AOV when choosing which affiliate program to promote. Having a conversion rate of for example 10% on an AVO of $10 USD with a conversion rate of 1% will only net you $1 USD for every 100 visitors sent, whilst having a commission of 5% on an AVO of $30USD and a conversion rate of 1% would net you $1.50 USD.

6. Earnings Per Click

A Simpler way to view the last few points is to look at the EPC of the affiliate program you were thinking of joining. Earnings Per Click shows the current earnings of all current affiliates in a Per Click Value and roughly gives you an idea of what you would be earning per each visitor sent to that program. Unfortunately, not all programs share this information. Programs like LinkShare for example do not, while Click Bank and ShareASale do.

7. Cookie Duration

The length of the affiliate cookie is another valuable factor to keep in mind. The cookies trace the visitors that were directed from your site to the merchant website. A visitor referred by you that completes an order, represents commission, as long as the order is completed within the expiration cookie timeframe. When a merchant offers a 30 day cookie, you will get a commission if the customer returns to the website within 30 days to complete a purchase.

8. Tools

For affiliates is beneficial to work with a merchant that offers an assorted choice of good quality tools to use. Tools can include (but are not limited to) videos, banners, coupons and widgets. The idea is that you can have many great alternatives to drive target from your site.

9. Reversal Rates

Pay special attention to an affiliate program’s reversal rate, as this serves as an indicator of the percentage of cancelled, returned or un-commissioned orders. Any program with a high percentage of reversal rate should be avoided, unless you want to work without getting paid and waste your time. However, it is important to remember that occasionally orders can get cancelled or returned and that a slow conversion rate is usual for most programs. It is part of the business. Stay alert for any sudden peak experienced on your reversal rate. Check for the reasons behind this with your affiliate manager. If they cannot give you a reasonable explanation, you may be better off switching to another more reliable site.

10. Competition

This is a decisive factor in your work as an affiliate. In order to succeed, you need to stay updated and check on the competitors, it is important to know what they are up to. Also remember that a highly competitive market will be more challenging, as many people will be taking part in the affiliate program and a lot of merchants would be racing to get traffic in the same niche.

Your earnings depend on your ability to compete effectively and to develop successful marketing strategies, as you need to get traffic for your site as well as for your merchant’s. Many affiliates opt for resources such as social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc), SEO, PPC, newsletters, email marketing, video marketing, podcasts and more. Finding your field and your niche within is everything. You need to be familiar with it and be an expert in all the aspects related to it. Being successful in affiliate marketing requires enthusiasm, proactivity and research, so make sure you choose a subject and product that really thrills you.

11. Read The Terms and Conditions

Most affiliates I speak to you miss something which I personally consider one of the most important factors when choosing a merchant. Most people arbitrarily click the agree button as a matter of course while sgining up with out rading it. The terms of these agreements can vary widely from one merchant to another. You may find yourself kicked out of the program after you have built up a good portfolio of referrals for contraveining some term or another.

12. Affiliate Support

My final point is assesing what type of support you will have as an affiliate. Some of the best programs have a dedicated and experienced affiliate manager running the program. You should look at the methods you have to contact this manager as a factor in you decision e.g. Can they be reach by phone? You could of course test them by sending them an email and see how long they take to respond.

If you follow these simple rules I am sure you will choose some great programs and have a bright affiliate future.

How to find .EDU links

As we have discussed before the best way to find backlinks is Google itself. There are many variantions of search terms we can use to narrow the results and get exactly the type of site we want. Below is a list of search terms to find .EDU sites that will give you a backlink.

site:edu inurl:login (Create an account)
site:edu “powered by SMF”
site:edu “powered by Fireboard”
site:edu “powered by phpbb
site:edu inurl:login (Create an account)
site:edu “powered by vbulletin”
inurl:.edu/ (Powered by Invision Power Board)
site:edu “powered by SMF”
“site:.edu” “Powered By WordPress” + keyword
‘site:.edu *your niche* + blog
‘site:.gov *keyword* + blog
“Speicher alle Deine Webseiten-Favoriten an einem Ort”
“Store all your favourite links in one place”
“store, share and tag your favourite links”
inurl: pliggbeta9
intitle: powered by pligg
site:.edu inurl:user/register?destination=home
site:.edu inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in”
site:.edu inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged
in” “Keywords”
EDU Forums, Government Forums, Military sites
site:edu inurl:login (Create an account)
site:edu “powered by vbulletin”
inurl:.edu/ (Powered by Invision Power Board)
site:edu “powered by SMF”
edu forums sites,gov forums sites
site:edu inurl:login (Create an account)
site:edu “powered by vbulletin”
inurl:.edu/ (Powered by Invision Power Board)
site:edu “powered by SMF”
“keyword” forum site:.edu
“keyword” forum site:.gov
“keyword” blog site:.gov
Locate thousands of related blogs using these search strings.
site:.edu inurl:wp-login.php +blog
site:.gov inurl:wp-login.php +blog
site:.edu inurl:”wp-admin” +login
site:.edu inurl:blog “post a comment”
site:.edu inurl:blog “post a comment” –“comments closed” -”you must be logged in”
site:.edu “no comments” +blogroll -”posting closed” -”you must be logged in” -
”comments are closed”
site:.gov “no comments” +blogroll -”posting closed” -”you must be logged in” -
”comments are closed”
inurl:(edu|gov) “no comments” +blogroll -”posting closed” -”you must be logged in” -
”comments are closed”
site:.edu inurl:blog “comment” -”you must be logged in” -”posting closed” -”comment
“keyword” blog site:.edu
keyword +inurl:blog site:.edu

EDU Forums
inurl:.edu/phpbb inurl:register
inurl:edu forum
inurl:gov forum

EDU Guestbooks

site:.edu inurl:guestbook
inurl: edu guestbook
inurl:edu Link:http://worldwidemart.com/scripts/
site:edu inurl:guestbook +”found at Matt’s Script Archive”
inurl:”guestBook.aspx” site:edu
inurl:guest inurl:guest site:edu

EDU Wikis

site:.edu wiki
site:.edu Inurl:MediaWiki_talk

Googles own guide to SEO

Google SeoNo matter how long I am in this business I still think I will be continue to be amazed as to why people dont start their research at the source of the traffic they are trying to get. If you are trying to get search engine traffic Read More…

How to find video sharing sites

A video hosting service allows individuals to upload video clips to an Internet website. The video host will then store the video on its server, and show the individual different types of code to allow others to view this video. The website, mainly used as the video hosting website, is usually called the video sharing website. Searching for the following will help you build your lists
“Powered by MediaShare”
“Powered by clipbucket”
“Powered by VidiScript.com”
“Powered by PHPMotion”
“Powered by ClipShare”
“Powered by iVidPlay”
“Powered by iSoftScripts.com”
“Powered by VShare”
“Powered by Video CMS”
“Powered by PHP Melody”
“Powered by ClipBucket”
“Powered by SkaDate” – online dating and social networking software combined
“Powered by Sharemixer” – low cost video sharing solution a la Youtube
“Powered by Clipshare”
“Powered by SocialMedia.com

List of High Pr Ning Sites

Ning linksHere are some Ning sites with PR again with all lists the PR is correct at the time of publishing

http://www.broadwayspace.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://lincolncenter.ning.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://www.diydrones.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://www.gnomedex.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://www.govloop.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://www.homebasedbusiness.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://www.informationzen.org/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://www.knaanmusic.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://www.landroof.nl/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://www.mugglespace.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://www.mybestbirth.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://www.copsonline.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://www.thetwilightsaga.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://www.greenpassport.us/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://library20.ning.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://www.myphdnetwork.org/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://www.navyformoms.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://www.teensforplanetearth.org/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://www.twittermoms.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://www.virtualworldsconnect.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://aspcacommunity.ning.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://atelier.rfi.fr/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://businessfightspoverty.ning.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://cherrytreerecords.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://come2play.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://epilepsyfoundation.ning.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://imsaturn.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://www.officialflo.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://community.essence.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://geeks.pirillo.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://knaanmusic.ning.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://friends.landmarktheatres.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://enriqueiglesias.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://education.ning.com/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://dukedigitalinitiative.duke.edu/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://conversation.wamu.org/main/authorization/signIn – PR6
http://community.sfsymphony.org/main/authorization/signIn – PR6

List Of Elgg Sites with Pr

Please be aware that Pr changes and this list is correct at time of publishing. This List is not exhaustive but it should get you started. If you know of more please fell free to contact me.
http://classic.elgg.org/_invite/register.php – PR7
http://www.wsis-community.org/account/register.php – PR7
http://community.elgg.org/account/register.php – PR6
http://elgg.net/trac/browser/devel/_invite/register.php?rev=965 – PR5
http://navi.kazusa.or.jp/_invite/register.php – PR5
http://www.hooping.org/forums/account/register.php – PR5
http://www.thevoiceofautism.org/mod/easyjoin/register.php – PR5
http://aty.hipatia.net/elgg/mod/invite/register.php – PR4
http://community.futureeverything.org/account/register.php – PR4
http://www.ipath.org.uk/mod/invite/register.php – PR4
http://rocknrenew.com/elgg/_invite/register.php – PR4
http://sos.tcea.org/elgg/mod/invite/register.php – PR4
http://sppcanada.org/elgg/account/register.php – PR4
http://www.iestarradell.org/elgg/_invite/register.php – PR4
http://demo.agirdurable.net/account/register.php – PR3
http://eduspaces.net/mod/invite/register.php – PR3
http://elgg.ell.aau.dk/mod/invite/register.php – PR3
http://elgg.esu13.org/mod/invite/register.php – PR3
http://elggdev.com/account/register.php – PR3
http://open.evworld.com/account/register.php – PR3
http://pfi.citin.org/beacons/account/register.php – PR3
http://portfolio.evaluation.ulcc.ac.uk/elgg/mod/invite/register.php – PR3
http://teachers4schools.org/_invite/register.php – PR3
http://www.thriiive.com/community/mod/invite/register.php – PR3
http://www.chicagosteelers.com/_invite/register.php – PR3

http://www.savvytaste.com/elgg/mod/invite/register.php – PRhttp://cheweb.org/account/register.php – PR2
http://floridaasians.com/mod/invite/register.php – PR2
http://projectnets.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk/stse/mod/invite/register.php – PR2
http://www.baymazing.com/account/register.php – PR2
http://www.elggspace.com/account/register.php – PR2
http://www.goldengrain.lv/elgg/account/register.php – PR2
http://www.oldeschoolspace.org/_invite/register.php – PR2
http://www.sessochannel.it/mod/invite/register.php – PR2
http://x-smuba.890m.com/mod/invite/register.php – PR2
http://www.dbilbao.com/account/register.php – PR1
http://demo.opsis.ca/_invite/register.php – PR1
http://www.e-randki.com/account/register.php – PR1
http://huegel-hopser.de/account/register.php – PR1
http://primaryschoolteaching.co.uk/account/register.php – PR1
http://profesjonalisci.biz/account/register.php – PR1
http://spicybites.co.cc/account/register.php – PR1
http://stingbat.com/account/register.php – PR1
http://www.aubergeponeyfringant.com/account/register.php – PR1
http://www.justreadit.org/elgg/html/account/register.php – PR1
http://www.nexo.pro/elgg/account/register.php – PR1
http://www.podersecreto.com/elgg/account/register.php – PR1
http://elgg.micds.org/account/register.php – PR0
http://www.elggbrasil.com.br/account/register.php – PR0
http://www.social-network-blog.com/elgg/account/register.php – PR0

Top CPA networks

I have put together this list of CPA networks in order of the amount of success I have had with them



Ad Valiant

Hydra Network

Never Blue

Market Leverage

CPA Storm

Rocket Profit

Epic Direct

ROI Rocket